Aldeburgh Gallery

Aldeburgh Gallery

Welcome to the Aldeburgh Gallery

Aldeburgh Gallery is a venue for contemporary, applied and visual arts, at the heart of East Anglia’s Suffolk Heritage Coast.

Aldeburgh Gallery

Spring 2018 exhibitions

Katharine Gleeson and Bruce Monaghan
26th April to 2nd May

Tony Hatt
3rd to 9th May

Martin and Nicola Coe
10th to 16th May

Rufus Owen

Rufus Owen
17th to 23rd May

Guy William Eves
24th to 30th May

Stephen Henderson

Stephen Henderson
31st May to 6th June

Angie Lewin

Aldeburgh Festival Exhibition
7th to 13th June

Sarah Muir Poland
14th to 20th June

Derek Chambers
21st to 27th June

Vernon Rose
28th June to 4th July