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Exhibitions 2020

Aldeburgh Gallery hosts exhibitions throughout the year. Please select a season from the list below.





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Exhibitions - Summer 2020

Peter Polaine Peter PolainePeter Polaine  –  4th to 10th June  

Born in London and trained at Walthamstow School of Art.

Exhibited in several London galleries including The Royal Academy, Mall Galleries and frequently in East Anglian Galleries. In Germany he has a strong following of private collectors of his woodcuts. His painting and printmaking currently run alongside each other. He is influenced by the German Expressionists, especially Die Brucke and Der Blaue Reiter groups.

Debbie GeorgeAldeburgh Festival Exhibition  –  11th to 17th June




Delia Tournay-GodfreyDelia Tourney-Godfrey Aldeburgh Festival Exhibition  –  18th to 24th June 

Suffolk artist Delia Tourney-Godfrey paints atmospheric landscapes, seascapes and figures in her distinctive palette. Painting in oils using subtle tones and colours she simplifies what she sees to create evocative compositions of both this area and further afield.

Jill WoodwardJill Woodward Jill and Jessie Woodward – 25th June to 1st July Festival Exhibition  

Jill and Jessie Woodward are mother and daughter from Suffolk, exhibiting together for the first time. Jessie now lives and works in Bristol, exploring the language of paint. Her vibrant colour palette and juxtaposing textures are key to making her pieces vividly unique. She has exhibited frequently in Bristol, and London. Jill’s dynamic and bold collotype prints and etchings have their roots in teaching all elements of art, working alongside children and teachers in Suffolk schools. She has exhibited with Sudbourne Park Printmakers and Ipswich Art Society.   

Tony Hatt Tony HattTony Hatt –  2nd to 8th July

Tony Hatt. Tony's watercolour paintings are inspired by the big skies and the ever changing light of the East Anglian coast and countryside. He is fascinated by the effects of sunlight on water and his river and seascapes capture the elusive reflections and abstract patterns that it makes.

Ruth McCabeEbb and Flow? –  9th to 15th July   

Ruth McCabe and Clive Barnett, two Suffolk based artists present original work responding to ideas around Ebb and Flow: whether that be of coastal inspiration, or of the ebb and flow in our lives and global concerns.

Steve HigtonSteve Higton – 16th to 22nd July

Stephen Higton is a Suffolk based impressionistic, landscape and seascape artist, working in traditional oil paints. His love of the East Anglia coast is depicted in his atmospheric paintings of the area.


Honor SurieHonor Surie – 23rd to 29th July

Honor's acrylic paintings capture the subtle and mysterious beauty of Suffolk's coastline, countryside and reed beds.

Bolam style John Heywood-Waddington Cristina Di PaolaSummer Show – 30th July to 12th August

Bolam Style summer collective showcasing art, ceramics, baskets, clothing and jewellery. Including John Heywood-Waddington, Penny Madden, Cristina Di Paola, Rebecca Wordsworth, Maison Bengal and BolamStyle clothing.




Julia WatsonJulia Watson – 13th to 19th August

Abstract and semi figurative artist celebrating nature and flowers in an explosion of colour, texture and sculptural form in this solo show




Guy William EvesGuy William Eves – 20th to 26th August

Stunningly detailed and exquisitely observed botanical drawings. Fellow and tutor, Society of Botanical Artists, Fellow of The Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society. Silver-Gilt Medallist - RHS London Botanical Art Show 2015 for an exhibit of The Black & White of Colour. Works held in the permanent collection, Hunt Institute, Pittsburgh. Outstandingly beautifully pieces.




Ruth Bunnewell Ruth BunnewellRuth Bunnewell – 27th August to 2nd September

 Memories and emotions that become attached to places lead me to the landscapes that I choose to paint. Atmosphere and ‘stories’ connected to the landscapes are as important as the aesthetics. I view landscapes almost as backdrops to the events that may happen within. My aim is to capture the essence of a place, reducing the ‘unnecessary’ detail in favour of capturing the feel and fundamental quiddity of each landscape. I am drawn to trees within landscapes; in particular the duality between their natural beauty and their darker side, as to be found in many fairy tales…this contrast continues to fascinate me. I find woodlands and forests simultaneously beautiful and uncanny in equal measures, and I aim to portray in my work these two contrasting qualities.