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Aldeburgh Gallery hosts exhibitions throughout the year. Please select a season from the list below. 

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Exhibitions - Spring 2018

Patricia LomaxPatricia Lomax – 10th to 18th February

Recent abstract works in acrylic and mixed media, Patricia returns to Aldeburgh Gallery after many years.

Elizabeth Hodder – 1st to 4th March

Elizabeth Hodder trained as an artist with The National College of the Arts at Anglia Ruskin University. Her work has focused on colour and quiet domestic scenes of family life and a love of conversation, food and friends together with their shared and changing interests. She has been influenced by the rich pallet of the Bloomsbury Group together with the work of Bonnard and Winifred Nicholson. For this exhibition Elizabeth has included a range of interior and outside “corners” reflecting her love of the lifestyle which Suffolk encourages including the many opportunities it offers for pottering and unwinding in good company.

Elizabeth lives in Cambridge but is a frequent visitor to Aldeburgh and Orford where her two daughters live and she has attended the Aldeburgh Literary Festival for the last ten years. She has previously exhibited in Cambridge Open Studios and at the Broughton House Gallery, the Fire Engine House, Ely and in the Royal Academy Summer Show.

Ruth Bunnewell – 8th to 14th March

I focus equally on two aspects in my work, the first being the aesthetic quality, whilst the second is an attempt to capture an atmosphere connected to a place. I am interested in the notion that certain places have memories attached to them, and in the way that these memories alter emotions connected to, and perceptions of, a place. Although this is the basis for a lot of my work, I want the aesthetics of each piece to be of equal importance, allowing the work to stand up based on this quality alone.  I believe strongly in trying to create work that supports itself by merit and does not rely on the idea or concept that it is based upon.

I am fascinated by the feel of woods and forests, especially the darker side, captured by Grimm's fairytales, and in many ghost/horror works of fiction. In my landscapes, it is always the atmosphere and feel of a place that intrigues me, and that I aim to capture, as well as the aesthetics of the place. I see the places/scenes/landscapes that I choose to paint as 'backdrops' for what may happen within those places. It is the 'event' or 'story' connected to a place that more often than not leads me to being drawn to the place that I paint. I also love the idea of creating semi-real places that are made up of elements of landscapes/scenes from 'real life' (e.g. parts of the norfolk countryside with which I am familiar), combined with elements from films/fiction; creating a place that is real, yet not real, and familiar yet unfamiliar. It is the juxtapositions and contrasts that interest me. This is what draws me to forests; it is the contrast between the 'natural' beauty of the individual trees, and the beauty of the natural woodland, with the uneasy feelings that emanate from forests that is captured within fairytales and many ghost/horror works of fiction. I find forests both simultaneously beautiful and uncanny and eerie. This is the essence of why I choose to paint them...trying to capture all of those qualities at once.

Helen Dougall – 15th to 21st March in aid of NSPCC

I paint and draw from observation, out in the open, seeking the way light affects landscape. Back in the studio, I use the medium of batik to explore cloud formations, perspective patterns of cultivated fields and textures of shiny, wet beaches. Sometimes I collage pieces of batik and enhance with machine embroidery. 

Sophie ColmerFelicity Jones
Becky MuntingGeorgina WarnePenny LindopDavid RichesUp with the Larks – 22nd March to 4th April

Mixed Easter show, with works by Helen Riches (paintings), David Riches (paintings), Terry Larwood (sculptures), Felicity Jones (ceramics), Sara Johnson (paintings), Sophie Colmer-Stocker (paintings), Stephen Henderson (carved birds), Becky Munting (paintings), Penny Lindop (prints) and Georgina Warne (prints).

Private view Saturday 24th March 2-4pm, all welcome.


Tony Rothon and Sarah Nutley – 5th to 11th April

Tony Rothon (studied at The Slade full-time, 1967-73) and Sarah Nutley (studied full-time at Richmond upon Thames College, 1983-86) have lived and worked together for many years. As professional artists and teachers, they recognise that painting as both formal and leisure activity has greatly advanced in popularity and range in recent years.

Making no great claims to originality, they are happy to take their place amongst the many. What may distinguish their work from that of others is a matter of priority. Art, they believe, exists within an arena, and they are anxious to stay within it. No longer led, as they once were, by subject matter or by passion-driven attempts at style, they choose instead to focus on ‘how’ as much as ‘what’. Their aim is to schieve a balance between what is expressed and its means of expression. This balance, they agree, is as crucial as it is fragile. It lies at the centre of art.


Nick Nicolson – 12th to 18th April

Dramatic dreamscapes and light-filled vistas of Suffolk countryside meet urban snapshots and lively floral studies executed in water-based media, ranging from more conventional to experimental semi-abstract techniques.

Eastern EdgeEastern Edge – 19th to 25th April

Patricia Davidson, Bill Haward, and Bill Ungless uniquely interpret the character of this area along with their own visual preoccupations in drawing, collage, monoprints, acrylics, oils and reliefs


Katharine Gleeson and Bruce Monaghan – 26th April to 2nd May

After studying at Ipswich School of Art, Leek College of Art and Colchester School of Art and bringing up a family, Katharine has returned to her passion for pottery. From her bijou studio in Leiston Suffolk she creates highly individual pieces working with high fired white earthenware and porcelain.

Katharine's work embraces all things feminine and freedom, joy and softness shine through in each piece. Her vases and wall mountings feature intricate corsetry and bustiers and her passion for hats is evident in her collection of millinery designs drawing upon inspirations from the 19th and 20th Centuries. Katharine is an artisan potter using traditional techniques to create stunning works of art. Katharine also teaches at her studio from where she runs classes for all ages and abilities and is proud to showcase some of her students' work, together with her own at her first exhibition for a number of years at the Aldeburgh Gallery in association with Bruce Monaghan.

After a lifetime creating images as a graphic designer, commercial advertising photographer and film maker for national and international companies, Bruce Monaghan has finally started to produce and show some of his own images.

The exhibition at the Aldeburgh Gallery, shared with Katie Gleeson, is his first real occasion of putting together various examples of his wide range of work. Oil on canvas originals, limited edition prints of drawings and digital images created using modern photographic technology. Together with some earlier clay work, Bruce has had his creative instincts kicked back into action, after working with the potter Katie Gleeson, to produce this latest set of clay facial images relating to the human condition. 

Bruce Monaghan Born August 1946. Currently an art volunteer to special needs adults.

Tony Hatt – 3rd to 9th May

Tony has been painting local scenes in watercolour for many years but many of his paintings are inspired by his experiences of sailing around Britain and Europe and the sea and boats feature heavily in his work. He is fascinated by the elusive imagery of reflections on water and his seascapes, coastal and river scenes capture the light and atmospheric effects of the marine environment.

Martin and Nicola Coe – 10th to 16th May

Two artists both inspired by landscape. Two different interpretations... One photographic with paint... One drawn with paint... New Works


Rufus OwenRufus Owen – 17th to 23rd May

Following a successful exhibition last year, Rufus Owen returns with a photographic exhibition of architecture and landscapes. 
The images are vibrant and intriguing to the viewer.

Guy William Eves – 24th to 30th May

Guy William Eves outstandingly beautiful drawings. Stunningly detailed and exquisitely observed botanical works. Silver-Gilt Medallist - RHS London Botanical Art Show 2015 for an exhibit of The Black & White of Colour. Member and tutor, Society of Botanical Artists, Fellow of The Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society.