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Aldeburgh Gallery hosts exhibitions throughout the year. Please select a season from the list below. 

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Exhibitions - Summer 2018

Stephen HendersonStephen Henderson – 31st May to 6th June

Stephen Henderson is a self taught full time artist/sculptor working from his studio on the Essex marshes. Stephen uses found materials and driftwood as a background to his interpretation of the birds and fish from his locality and further afield. His work is divided between commissions, gallery shows and Studio Exhibitions

Angie LewinAldeburgh Festival Exhibition – 7th to 13th June

A 21st anniversary exhibition showing work by established contemporary artists and designers including Maggi Hambling, Ffiona Lewis, Mark Hearld, Clive Hinks-Jenkins, Ed Kluz, Emily Sutton, Tessa Newcomb, Jeff Fisher, Alex Malcolmson, Richard Bawden, and Amy Dennis, and 20th century artists including John Bellany, Edward Bawden, Prunella Clough, Geoffrey Clarke, Julian Trevelyan, and Mary Fedden. Also Illustrated books, fabrics and ceramics.


An Aldeburgh Festival Exhibition

A new collection of works by Sarah Muir Poland – 14th to 20th June

Sarah Muir Poland is a landscape painter inspired by the sea and low lying views where the sky meets water. She has a particular love of East Anglia, and the south of France and Scotland, and works in oil, she is a colourist painter. Sarah spends her summers painting by the coast from her studio in Walberswick Suffolk, she had her first solo exhibition at the Aldeburgh Gallery in July 2015, which sold out, her work  is in many local and international collections, Sarah works constantly to develope her work, and this promises to be a very popular and stunning show, not to be missed.


An Aldeburgh Festival Exhibition

Derek Chambers – 21st to 27 June

Heritage Trees. The Kelburn Weeping Larch. (Monoprint). Derek Chambers continues his journey with ancient trees. 

In 2004 I came across the book The Heritage Trees of Britain and Northern Ireland, published by the Tree Council, with photographs of over 80 special trees, scattered across the United Kingdom. I was drawn to these survivors – stalwart, resilient and beautiful. Their powerful images and stories haunted me. I came to realise that I had to see them for myself and in April 2015 I set off in a camper van to look for them.
Some were easy to access, such as the First Dawn Redwood in Cambridge Botanical Gardens and the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Sycamore. Others were more of a challenge, like The Layered Beech in the dark woods of Kilravoch Castle and Ely’s London Plane in the private grounds of the former Bishop’s Palace. By the late summer of 2017 I had found all but four of the trees and my sketch books were bulging with watercolours and preparatory drawings. The emotional power of the great trees stayed with me in my Suffolk studio and I wanted to explore and share the experience. This exhibition of etchings and paintings represents my latest efforts in that direction.

Cindy Lee Wright and Jane Rands
– 28th June to 4th July

The exhibition is a celebration of our wild world and the glorious creatures we share the planet with. East Anglian cousins Cindy and Jane share this passion but their inspiration is expressed in quite different media. Cindy's images are cut, shaped and painted on the often underestimated material, plywood, Jane's are painted, stitched and hand crafted onto aged linen. 
From a wall sized blue whale to a vibrant textured beetle, the exhibition promises variety and includes limited edition prints and cards.

Ink Pots Printmakers – 5th to 11th July

'Inkpots' are a diverse and flourishing group of five contemporary printmakers graduating together from the The Curwen Print Study Centre in 2016 and continuing to print and exhibit together. March 2017 sees them here at The Aldeburgh Gallery, where a selection of beautiful woodcut, lino, etchings, collagraph and silk screen prints will be for sale from £35. Inspiration from coast and nature to bishops and buildings, both figurative and abstract. 

Gill Dove – 12th to 18th July

Walking through our landscape is integral to my work; a response to the breath-taking but fragile beauty of our environment; how light, through colour, reflects our moods and emotions. A mixed media celebration of our wide open spaces; of sky, sea, marsh, farmland and atmosphere.


Steve Higton – 19th to 25th July

Steve Higton’s inspirational and masterly depictions of the East Anglia coastline and landscape in oils.

Special Summer Collective Show – 26th July to 8th August

Artists include: Caroline Mc Adam Clark,  Delia Tourney-Godfrey, Lindy Allfrey, Annabell Ridley, Magriet van Nieuwburg, Helen Riches, David Riches, Sarah Nutley, Tony Rothon, Sea Glass Jewellery by Buzz Mitchell and ceramics by Felicity Jones.

Delia Tournay-Godfrey   Helen Riches

Susanna MacInness – 9th to 15th August

Coining the name “Pindroppainter” Susanna drops a pin on a map and paints on location using oils. Aldeburgh wins hands down as Susanna’s favourite location to paint. It’s where she spent happy times as a child painting alongside her Grandfather Robin Forestier-Walker. Coming from a family of sailors, she has combined her interests and painted in France, Cornwall, Connecticut, the Isle of Wight, Cape town and the West Indies. Reflected light and atmosphere are her inspiration.

Exhibits in London and Aldeburgh

The Art of Inside Out – 16th to 22nd August

Six artists from CO3 Studios use a variety of disciplines and media to explore both the interior and exterior worlds we inhabit and our responses to what we see and feel. We present The Art of Inside Out.

Angella Horner FRSA
Wendy Bailey
Sheena Clover
Helen Morgans
Karenza Jackson
Pam Schomberg

Helen MorgansSheena Clover
Wendy Bailey


Brian Coetzee – 23rd to 29th August

Brian Coetzee's unique Art and Silks can be seen in a new Art Exhibition using the local landscape as his inspiration.