Aldeburgh Gallery

Aldeburgh Gallery

Welcome to the Aldeburgh Gallery

Aldeburgh Gallery is a venue for contemporary, applied and visual arts, at the heart of East Anglia’s Suffolk Heritage Coast.

Aldeburgh Gallery

Spring 2018 exhibitions

Patricia Lomax

Patricia Lomax
10th to 18th February

Elizabeth Hodder
1st to 4th March

Ruth Bunnewell
8th to 14th March

Helen Dougall
15th to 21st March

Mixed Easter Show
22nd March to 4th April

Tony Rothon and Sarah Nutley
5th to 11th April

Nick Nicolson
12th to 18th April

Eastern Edge

Eastern Edge
19th to 25th April

Katharine Gleeson and Bruce Monaghan
26th April to 2nd May

Tony Hatt
3rd to 9th May

Martin and Nicola Coe
10th to 16th May

Rufus Owen

Rufus Owen
17th to 23rd May

Guy William Eves
24th to 30th May